Who we are

Fennell West was established to bring a new level of focus to personal cash flow – the most important factor in the pursuit of financial freedom.

Unfortunately, there is a mistaken belief that financial advisers only work with your existing wealth, to grow your wealth further and that if you are not well-off you wouldn’t need a financial adviser. Many of our competitors focus almost entirely on this side of the industry.

When people think about Fennell West, however, they can be assured that a key focus is on cash flow – whatever your financial position. Fennell West are putting the spotlight on cash flow to help you plan for wealth, lifestyle and for retirement.

Fennell West advise you on superannuationproperty investments, shares and insurance as well, and that’s all important – but at the end of the day cash flow comes first. If you’re not managing cash flow well enough then you can’t do any of the other things successfully.

The partners and staff of Fennell West have moved through various stages of life where their financial focus has had to evolve. From paying off credit cards and loans, to saving for first house deposits, to having that first mortgage, to getting married and starting families, it’s critical to plan well, execute, monitor and amend your plan regularly.

When it came to building a level of service for Fennell West it was important, as successful 30-something year-olds, to focus on helping others get their finances set up for life.

Fennell West are passionate about helping people get on-track and stay there.

Fennell West Jarrod Owen Partner

What we do

Fennell West’s services are built on the premise that no one has the same needs or circumstances and that a hands-on, customised approach to financial planning, advice and support is the only way.

We build real relationships with our clients and manage the whole process personally.

With us, you don’t get hand-balled from the lending adviser, to the superannuation adviser, to the insurance adviser to the taxation adviser.

Another thing that sets our service apart is that we don’t charge based on your net worth. A lot of advisers base their fees around a percentage of your superannuation total for example. We work out your current financial position, where you want to be and talk through our fees based on your individual needs to ensure that everything we do adds value.

Sometimes the industry gets in its own little world and thinks everyone understands what are some pretty complicated strategies and functions of the finance system. Because we don’t charge by the hour, we take the time to help you learn about and understand the philosophies we’re using to help you achieve and take ownership of your financial freedom.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Fennell West office nearest to you or submit an enquiry online.

Fennell West was the first point of contact for our small business start-up. Ryan worked very closely with our team to make our dreams become a reality. We continue to have Fennell West supporting us in building our company and achieving our business and personal goals.

Chase Harty
Chace Harty
Director, 56 Bricks