Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation & Growth

Transitioning from a single source of income to actively seeking wealth with multiple sources of income can be a daunting time.

We work with lots of clients who know that they want to take steps towards wealth creation but don’t know where to start.

For us, it starts with a relationship, communication and thorough personalised planning. It is also very important that our clients know and understand the strategies we use to create wealth opportunities.

Turning bad debt, such as a home loan that is not tax deductible, into good debt like an investment property, which is tax deductible, is one example.

When we talk about clients that are successful, financially, they generally have their employment income and at least one other source of income. Whether that’s equity in another business, an investment property, a share portfolio or something else depends entirely on the individual’s circumstances.

More often than not, someone with active wealth aspirations has a goal to acquire assets that at some point in time will allow them to fund an income that improves their lifestyle. It might be they want to reduce or cease their employment, for a spouse to drop their job or even early retirement.

At Fennell West it starts with getting cash flow right and then running at a profit. At that point when you have reliable data around your financial position you might decide to pay the mortgage down more or do something else with that money such as commencing your wealth creation.

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Fennell West was the first point of contact for our small business start-up. Ryan worked very closely with our team to make our dreams become a reality. We continue to have Fennell West supporting us in building our company and achieving our business and personal goals.

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