Are your finances still recovering from Christmas? How’s your credit card looking?

Christmas and the Summer holiday period is the most common time for families to record deficit months. The majority of our Cash Flow Program clients do – it’s normal.

So don’t spend the first half of 2016 lamenting how the past few months have hurt your finances, and then spend the second half of the year worrying about how you’ll afford next Christmas.

You can do something about it now.

Our Cash Flow Program plans for this period of loss – when expenses exceed income. It helps our clients enjoy a wonderful time of the year by removing their financial stress.

The fundamental step that we work through with all our Cash Flow Program clients is locking in short, medium and longer-term goals and objectives.

christmas credit card debtWorking with you, we then set about some careful planning to map your financial course to achieving those goals and objectives.

It would be impractical to pretend every month is the same and to plan for the same amount of money to come in and the same amount to go out. Our lives aren’t like that.

In simple terms, we know the Summer holidays are in most cases going to see losses – just as we know many people expect a gain in July/August with an income tax return.

You might have a group of family birthdays that all fall in the same month or a baby on the way or any number of spending trends to map out – and income trends for that matter.

Our program and ongoing monthly sessions with you help you see the whole picture. It’s not about stopping you from doing anything – in fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s about ensuring that you achieve your short, medium and longer-term goals and objectives.

So for example, if you always spend four weeks away with your family at the beach every year but stress and worry the whole time because it costs so much – think about how great the same holiday would be if you knew your finances were still perfectly on track.

Think about getting home, understanding that the negative cash flow period was planned for and that you are still right on target to achieve your other goals and objectives.

One of the most common things we hear from our Cash Flow Program clients is that they should have done it years ago. Not because they’re paying their mortgage off faster or paying less interest, or saving more, but because they don’t have to stress about money.

It is a powerful thing to have total clarity around what you want and to know you are getting there and not going backwards. We take a lot of joy out of seeing people achieve the lifestyle they want for themselves.

You might be thinking this all sounds good, but how much does the program cost? Well, we can structure our fees so that the service doesn’t impact on your cash flow at all.

February and March tend to be better months for most families, so it’s an opportune time to start planning, to get your expenses on track and make Christmas 2016 even more enjoyable for your family.