Would you like an extra few hundred dollars in your pocket every month?

Often families fall into the trap of thinking the only way they can improve their lifestyle is to earn more, but one much easier solution can be to pay less interest on your mortgage.

It’s been reported that nearly half Australian mortgage holders simply can’t be bothered looking for a better rate. Unfortunately, much like superannuation, too many people have a ‘set and forget’ attitude to their mortgage and it costs them thousands.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but at the moment you can get a fixed home loan rate that is lower than the variable rate.

If you’re worried about your cash flow and need more certainty around your repayments, it’s a great time to get yourself a fixed loan for two or three years.

As a mortgage broker, I can show you current fixed rates around 4.19 per cent. The big banks are competitive at the moment, but there are also more and more people turning to less traditional lenders.

Are you someone who purchased a house five or ten years ago, or more, and still have the same home loan?

Refinancing is too hard, I can’t be bothered with the paperwork, lenders are all the same anyway, I’ll get hit with massive exit fees’ you might say to yourself.

Well, it’s not hard, we’ll do the work for you, they most certainly are not all the same and exit fees were banned in 2011.

We’ve had people come into Fennell West with old loans charging them 5.9 per cent – that’s nearly a full two percent higher than the current competitive fixed rate.

If you have a $300,000 loan, we’re talking about a saving of $500 every month – that’s $6000 every year.

Maybe you can be bothered.

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