The new year will mark a significant milestone for Colac’s Jarrod Owen, who will officially become a Partner with financial advisers Fennell West on January 1.

Directors Ryan Fennell and Shane West announced the news today and said the decision reflected Jarrod’s value to the firm and its clients.

“Jarrod has been working with us since March and Shane and I are really excited that he will now be a partner and help continue to drive our growth and development,” Ryan said.

“He is highly educated and experienced, is a Certified Financial Planner, has completed an MBA majoring in Financial Planning and has been working in the industry for over 10 years.

“Jarrod’s technical knowledge is excellent, but he also has the interpersonal skills we value at Fennell West and those softer skills are really important to our service levels.”

fennell west partners

Shane said adding a Partner to the firm was a big step, but one he was proud of.

“It has been a big three years since we started Fennell West and to be in a position now where someone like Jarrod wants to be part of the business and commit his skills to our strategic future is rewarding for us as well,” he said.

“This step has been part of our planning since Jarrod joined us, so it’s exciting that we can start 2018 working side-by-side with him as a Partner.

“He is highly respected within our own teams in Camperdown and Colac and has great relationships with clients and the broader community, so we’re very confident his move to being a Partner will be a wonderful outcome for Fennell West.”

Jarrod said being a Partner was something he had aspired to for some time and he was proud to have made it happen with Fennell West.

“We are locally owned and control every aspect of what we do, including the face-to-face service levels we deliver and that’s really important to me,” he said.

“To become a business owner in my own community, and to do it with Shane and Ryan who are delivering financial services how I think they should be delivered, is fantastic.

“I’m honoured to have been given the opportunity to become a Partner and I look forward to Fennell West helping more and more people tick off their financial goals and achieve the lifestyles they want for themselves.”